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Enterprise culture
Enterprise tenet — let's grow together!
Enterprise spirit — growth, breakthrough and change
Corporate vision — building the integrity brand of Chinese valve enterprises!
Corporate mission — to help employees grow, to strengthen the cause of Intel, and to strive for the great rejuvenation of the motherland!
Management culture — crisis, justice, norm and responsibility
Team culture — abide by the rules and disciplines, maintain the image, work together, unite sincerely, be loyal to their duties and fulfill their duties
Service concept — customer satisfaction is our basic requirement; customer moving is our way of competition!
Quality policy — Intel is committed to achieving comprehensive customer satisfaction, taking advanced quality management process and talent specialty as the pillar, meeting the requirements of customer specifications, industry standards and laws and regulations; improving organizational efficiency and customer revenue through stable provision of high-quality products and services!
Quality objectives — ensure product quality and on-time delivery; continuously improve product production process and quality process; maintain high customer satisfaction.