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PBG Series Canned Pipeline Pump
The shielding type pipeline pump of Model PBG, has absorbed the advanced technology of shielding pump designed and manufactured in the world, applying the shielding technology of the electrical machinery to the fluid transportation field, in order to meet domestic market demand.   The shielding type pipeline pump serial performance parameter of the Model PBG accords with international standard IS02858 and regulation of national standard JB/T6878.2-93 basically.

Product parameters

Flow Rate Range: 6.3-1080m3/h
Head Range: 12.5-125m
Operation Temperature: -20℃-160℃
Matched Power: 0.37-160KW
Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Flow-through Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

Features 1、 the structure of the pump is compact, vertical structure, need less installation floor space, operate steadily.
2、 the inlet and outlet specification are designed as the flange, and lie in the same center line, can install it on the pipeline directly as valve, and the center is low, it is very convenient to install.
3、 the pump and motor are coaxial, the axial is short in size, so the pump can operate more steadily and with less noise.
4、 cancel the traditional seal way, which has avoided the leakage of the medium.
5、it is convenient to install and overhaul, Do not need to dismantle and move the pipeline system, only need to pull down the nut and take all rotor parts out to carry on checking and maintenance.
1、Model PBG shielding type pipeline pump normal type is used to transport clear water and chemical/physical property liquid that is similar with clear water. The medium temperature can not exceed 80 ℃ , is suitable for industry and city's giving and draining off water, skyscraper pressurization giving water, garden sprinkling irrigation, fire control pressurization, transport remotely, warm coherent refrigeration circulation, bathroom, etc.. Very suitable to conditions requiring less vibration and noise, such as underground pump house, air conditioner refrigeration system, etc.
2、Model PBG shielding type pipeline pump hot water type is for transporting medium that temperature does not exceed 160 ℃ and not containing solid particles, suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, papermaking and hotels and restaurants, bathroom, boiler pressurized circulation sending and systematic circulation of city heating of hot water, etc..
3、Model PBG shielding type pipeline pump antiseptic type is for transporting the corrosive liquid that does not contain solid particle, and the viscidity is similar to the liquid of water. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, papermaking, food, pharmacy and synthetic fibers, etc.
 Working Conditions